Vermouth Brun Artesanal

Shall we have a Brun?

“Lively, innovative and surprising”



Vermouth made with White Grenache of the Empordà, a region located at the foot of the Albera Hills, notable for the great diversity of its soils and the constant fierce Tramontana wind that gives it its character.



White Grenache.



Maceration of natural herbs with great presence of the autochthonous herbs of the area complemented with spices that create a finely-balanced formula with great complexity. This formula of over 30 different herbs and spices includes, among others, cinnamon, liquorice, wormwood, ginger, nutmeg, tarragon, green walnut, star anise, citrics and even vanilla.

The base wine which is aromatised with the herbs is 100% White Grenache aged for one year in stainless steel tanks complemented with a light touch of mellow wine.



The aromatic profile reveals the aromatic complexity of all the herbs and natural spices. It is intense, complex and spirited but well-balanced, featuring aromas of fennel, vanilla, nigella and nutmeg, balanced with citric notes of orange and lemon.

In the mouth it is very smooth and sweet, with the vanilla and citrics taking on more importance, leaving until the end the typical bitter notes of vermouth.

Tasting becomes a journey through sensations from the beginning to the end.



Ideal for an aperitif or for savouring in peace. Brun is ideal enjoying alone or in company.

It is recommended to serve it chilled, with ice and a slice of orange.



Alcoholic degree 15 (% vol).