Capmany Farms

Located in the Albera Mountains, where the Tramontane blows heavily, the distinct “terroir” sandstone of this small inner town characterizes the area, and is accompanied by granite rocks, which at times are enormous in size or have a megalithic shape.

Our family roots, as well as the origins of the bodega lie in Capmany. Here you will find our ancestors, in a categorized region such as DO Cava, which provides a motive for our bodega to elaborate this precious product. 

These distinguished, privileged factors have led us to grow a large variety of grapes, from the most traditional varieties, such as Grenache and Cariñena, to the more international types such as: Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot, Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay, of which we are particularly proud. 

Vilamaniscle Farms

These farms are located on the southern side of the Albera Mountains, bordering the small village of Vilamaniscle, a site of natural interest and of slate-filled land. Environmental and orographic conditions, along with high sun exposure and  altitude distinguish the wine’s strong and exclusive character.

The rocky lands, poor in organic matter, and the mountainous microclimate, characterized by the strong Tramontane, force the plant to develop deep roots and to protect itself with low yields; Therefore, the plant produces a small-seeded, very concentrated grape, capable of transmitting all the complexity of the “terroir.”

Grenaches and Cariñenas are the basis of this landscape, highlighting “Finca Furot,” one of the business’ new farms. This farm is a project in which, through organic agriculture, we attempt to transmit all of the excellence of Empordà.

Rabós Farms

We find these mountain vines in the northeasternmost part of Catalonia, and at foot of the Albera Mountains, which form part of what is called the “Albera massif” that borders France and the towns of Colera and Vilamaniscle.

The older inhabitants of the town explain that here we find the roots of Empordà, witness to the passing of time. In this place, a small part of these elders have been able to maintain their old vineyards, from generation to generation, through fighting against the slopes, the Tramontane, and the slate rocks.

Grenaches and Cariñenas are the basis of this landscape.

Flora and fauna surround these farms, which have always been conditioned to great oscillations of temperature between day and night, and summer and winter. In regards to fauna, cattle are particularly important because they fertilize this land, a migration area, every season, allowing the vine and its nutrients to bloom healthily.

Garriguella Farms

Situated in the northeast part of the Empordà plains, the town of Garriguella has a long tradition of winemaking, where we find the most Mediterranean-like climate factors, given their proximity to the coast. 

The pastures favor the growth of the vines due to sheep and goats that naturally fertilize the land in the springtime. All of the farms shine with the bright colors of the leaves during this time of year, indicating the nutrients that the plant has received from this seed so that they may grow strong.  

Lifelong Grenaches and Cariñenas live alongside varieties of French origins, Cabernets and Merlots, fruits of the first restructuring of the vine. 


When referring to the region of Empordà, we envision its diversity, are surprised by its landscapes, and explore the small mountainside villages of the Alberas, which are full of tradition and touched the Tramontane. We also picture the plains, which border the Costa Brava and breath in the sea air, a source of the inspiration for so many artists.

Our bodega, born in Capmany, has grown little by little over the course of three generations, along with these small Empordà towns, some of which are elevated to the foot of the mountain, while others lie in the plains. However, all have their own distinct character as a result of the diversity of the land and its climate.